Our mission is to provide complete mobile application development services for those seeking to solve realworld challenges. Since 2011, we’ve pioneered the development of apps for mobile devices for both iPhone and Android, recently opening offices on both the East and West US coasts to better serve our growing international customer base.

What makes ADC stand out? The crew. As creative thinkers and technologists, we’re eager for collaboration with experienced development and design teams. Our team has maintained over seven years of satisfied customers and finished projects in a highly motivated and productive environment. Our unique process of development in constant motion addresses relevant emerging technologies, changes in client requests, and ever-altering user preferences.

We don’t just build apps, we work with passionate entrepreneurs to consistently create worldclass solutions and bring ideas to life through effectively managing the precise strategic parameters of each project.

What we do

Mobile Development

App Design Company Las Vegas excels in the versatile space of mobile development. We have the most dedicated designers to ensure the absolute best in mobile application development, mobile game development, and mobile web development.

iPhone Software Development

Our team has been at the forefront of iOS Software development since the earliest days. We’ve consistently ensured our clients the highest quality of services in a variety of specializes; iPhone Web Development, iPhone Game Development, and iPhone Application Development.
ADC produces cutting-edge iPhone applications for its clients in numerous countries and for various use cases. We stay in tune with real-world changes in mobile technologies to ensure we’re always prepared to offer the most up-to-date iOS applications to a universal market. Our unmatched developmental strategies and competitive ingenuity enables us to effectively design and deploy hundreds of successful applications.

From corporate enterprise to typical SMB’s, the implementation of an effective iOS application can have a dramatic effect for a company’s efficiency or publicity, and can be used to fast track the achievement of far-reaching goals. ADC reputably determines the best ways in which an app connects with your business and design ideas. A well-planned iOS application development process can pave the way for success. Our team ensures to closely coordinate with clients from the initial drafts, through complete submission, and continuously after. Our process includes extensive research and analysis on the scope of the application and it’s targeted market to ensure it can best serve its purpose.

Our vast range of best-suited services covering various use cases is achieved by the innate skill and expertise of our highly adept developers, designing premier iOS applications using:

  • Competitive iPhone SDK Development
  • Mastering iOS platform’s inner architecture
  • Broad experience in programming languages
  • Expert UI/UX
  • Complete custom design utilizing 2D and 3D graphics
  • Coordination of advanced features; accelerometer, multi-touch interface, and proximity sensors ranging from personal use to business, and we have iPhone application designing services for all.
  • Our iPhone application categories are:
    • Business and Finance
    • News & Media
    • Online Shopping
    • Utilities
    • Traveling
    • Social Networking
    • Shopping
    • SEO
    • Search Tools

Your search ends here when it comes to any issue or project related to iPhone application development.

iPhone API Development

Our team has mastered the development of APIs for any use; Android, iOS, Windows, as APIs are often key channels for businesses and allow companies to connect with thousands of customers and to solve significant operational challenges.

API consists of a set of routine protocols and specialized tools that create the building blocks needed to leverage important company data and information. APIs allow companies to effectively take control of their data. Uses cases include; travel apps and web services, online shopping and affiliate sales, fitness and real estate applications.

Our team builds corporate-level APIs that seamlessly enables companies to access an entire database. Data can instantaneously interact with protocols for uses including; locations, products, or up to date info on venue check-ins. It is important to publicize products, service offerings and most of all reach out to customers when you want to get the word out quickly regarding your products and services. APIs can be considerably useful toward practically solving business challenges.

APIs have been used in the development of countless application by industry leaders such as Amazon, Twitter, eBay, and Google.

  • APIs unlock key channels for businesses growth and innovation.
  • APIs pave the way towards effective app development and are utilized to create new experiences for users.
  • APIs open new avenues and opportunities in the highly-active space of contemporary application development.

Most operating environments require an API to maintain a consistent framework, and even though the APIs are designed for programmers, ultimately they are excellent for users. An API guarantees familiarity between similar interfaces and information sources, making it easier to onboard new users.

App Design Company is committed to achieving our clients’ API development needs from the highest strategic level, through product design, development and launch.

Android Software Development

The Android app developers at ADC have been mastering the game ever since the platform was originally announced in late 2007. Since then, we have consistently produced some of the most prominent applications.
The Android platform is a framework produced by Google and the Open Handset Alliance, it acts as a mobile operating system for smartphones and provides endless opportunities in the field of mobile application development.

Android allows our developers to create third-party Java applications which enable them to apply their Javascript expertise to build, test, and deliver an entire project in an impressively limited time-span.

Android offers a vast array of possibilities through a comprehensive multitasking environment. Whether it is; communications, gaming, business, personal, multimedia, our developers will work around the clock to ensure the project is successful.

Additionally, the Android platform provides an intuitive web interface that is an undeniably vital feature which allows for various embedded online content. Our teams are experienced in GPS/location and Wi-Fi based applications and are able to meet any and all requirements set forth by the project guidelines.

Android is notably considered to be one of the most malleable and open platforms enabling a versatile set of use cases.

App Design Company takes pride in designing and employing elegant, feature-rich, and effective solutions for any of the following domains:

  • Business and E-commerce
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Entertainment/Games
  • Travel/Location verifying app
  • Shopping Services
  • Utilities

User Interface Design

Simply put, our user interface designs are gorgeous, comprehensive, and adaptable to even the most powerful applications. We excel in employing the best-in-class user experiences and reputably exceeding project expectations.

Wearable Application Development

New smartwatches are well-known for their futuristic, minimalist, and sleek design, and at ADC, we replicate this creative approach precisely. Industry leaders including; Sony, Google, Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft all have released a version of a smartwatch, and App Design Company has the expertise to capitalize on software development for these devices.

The smartwatch wasn’t just an evolution of the mobile device, it was a necessity. For our team, there was a genuine excitement towards wearable smart devices, not just because we may be Sci-Fi and Star Trek nerds… But as key players in the mobile application industry, we are excited towards creating apps that utilize a new and emerging technology. Our smartwatch app developers were one the first groups to notably create apps for these devices, and since then, we have maintained a proven track record of success that allows us to continuously conceive exciting apps for these must-have gadgets.

iPad Software Development

Our developers craft some of the most unique and pathbreaking solutions for iPad application development and have helped us build a strong client base in terms of iPad games and specialized applications.

The extra screen space achieved from the jump to the iPad opens up an entirely new world of user interface opportunities. The number of applications that make use of this fact is growing quickly and our experience in designing for iOS already sets us ahead of the competition.

iPad apps are customized according to the multi-touch screen and the enlarged retina display. The process of creation is similar to that of an iPhone or iPod Touch, all using an – iPhone SDK. However, we understand that the approach to designing the user experience on a tablet may differ from that premiered on an iPhone or iPod Touch. Ultimately, we are determined to make sure that our projects deliver the most genuine user experience regardless of device specifications.

App Design Company’s team of highly skilled, committed individuals who are passionate towards software development, are excited and ready to take advantage of the opportunities that iPad offers. We take pride in exceeding our customers’ expectations no matter how ambitious or complex the task is. Our iPad app developers and designers excel in creating innovative applications through refined expertise in:

  • SDK (Apple’s software development kit)
  • iPad’s form-factor
  • Modern software development technologies and tools
  • Exceptional user experience and interface application design

We are partnered with the iPad developer program which enables us to access the latest developmental utilities and iOS software updates ahead of schedule, this ensures that we are able to apply the most recent and updated methodologies when writing iPad applications.