Dexcom specializes in superior innovation for Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) practices, aiming for the drastically improved management of diabetes for both patients and medical care professionals. The goal was to enable users to track their glucose levels at any time and receive instant notifications in case of fluctuations.

The Dexcom app featured the world’s first CGM system connected through a user’s phone, allowing for anyone at any age to adjustable mattress base at their glucose levels using a compatible smart device and be able to share their glucose level data with medical professionals.


Concept Design

Creative Execution

The Mission

To create the world’s first Continuous Glucose Monitoring mobile app. The original idea for the project was to connect a CGM device to an app, so users can monitor their glucose levels in real-time and track various high, low, and good-to-go levels using an intuitive dashboard. It was important to have the user experience and interface to cater to an all ages group.

The Result

To say the least… it has been a resounding success! Recent customer feedback has been nothing less than a thumbs up and the final product excelled in all aspects. It tailored to the iOS and Android design guidelines and aligned seamlessly with the Dexcom G5 app.