Domino’s Pizza USA

Domino’s is a world-renowned pizza, pasta, chicken & more restaurant service that excels at delivering customized pizzas fresh out of the oven directly to the doorstep.

Dominos advanced its business by partnering with App Design Company to capitalize on emerging mobile technologies. We applied our mobile design expertise to leverage the mobile app space to create an application which became a valuable piece of Domino’s income.


Concept Design

Creative Execution

Design & Development

Our Approach

Our team designed a smarter app that accurately recognized a customer’s order preferences and dramatically reduced wait time and order time. The app enables users to record addresses, payment information, save favorite orders, and add custom personalization.

Our Process

The numbers speak for themselves: the Domino’s app went to gross about 10% of the company’s US revenue and has maintained an average 4.9-star rating with 300,000+ reviews across Google Play and the App Store. Domino’s effectively tapped into the mobile market and their business has prospered as a result.


The Domino’s app can’t simply be boiled down to a series of numbers. The overwhelming success was a result of our sincere partnership with Domino’s to do what we do best–build quality apps, step-by-step, aligned with the client’s goals, and utilizing the most up-to-date mobile technologies–all in collaboration to help Domino’s do what they do best–provide the best in deliciousness and happiness.