IsaiX Sales Coaching Application

The Problem

IsaiX approached ADC to redo their flagship web based product Coach Technology® which help managers in training, targeting, planning, tracking, evaluating and encouraging employee performance. IsaiX wanted to redo this whole product from scratch to target mobile devices as well as to change the architecture to make it more scalable and futureproof.

The Challenge

Compatibly of Multi-tenant and Multi-version features

Data separation based on the clients of IsaiX Technologies was a critical requirement; a part of it was meant to be shared while another was meant for dedicated database. Moreover, authentication that was meant to be tenant specific afterwards redirecting the user to the appropriate version of the product needed a proper architecture of its own.

Security in the Login Mechanism

Since our client has a variant customer base; they also need to ensure that the data of each of these clients are safe and under no circumstances leaked. Hence, one of the major requirements mentioned by IsaiX Technologies was that we provide them a safe login mechanism.

Managing the External Links with Every New Version

Every new version of the product means creating a new website; which means the redirection links mailed to the user might not take them to the correct or updated version. Hence, we needed to find a way that would help the user come to the current version of the product being used, visit our website.

The Solution

Creating a Three Layered Multitenant and Multi version Architecture

Three applications were created and merged to ensure that the multi-tenant feature of the app supported its multi-versions. A common application to check if the user is a registered one, also redirecting it for authentication. The second application to authenticate the user with the database and generation of security token. And finally the third layer to verify the current version of the application being used by the client.

Using Permalinks with Self-defined Architecture

We created permalinks and stored all these in the Master Database (MDB). Now these links were redirected straight from the IP site to the new version with correct parameters.

Applying Certificates for Decryptions

Certificates were used as another layer over the tokens generated for authentication. In this case, one private key is saved with the server meant for login while the private and public combination is present in the other server of the application. Thus any user who logs in is verified using the certificate and redirected respectively.

The Result

This product has got a very positive feedback from the staff of organizations like banks, pharmaceutical companies and government organizations.

The Coach Technology delivered on iPads and placed in the hands of managers, ensures coaching consistency with a mechanism to follow-up and track the performance on the go and in the real time. It also provides upper management the ability to analyse coaching efforts and correlate their impact on performance.

Comprised of Coaching, Recruitment, Action Planning, Customer Satisfaction Surveys and Evaluation tools, the Coach Technology® Suite offers a turnkey performance development platform for organizations and small businesses to multi-national enterprises alike.


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