The Fabloox app is the first of its kind, it unites beauty brands and influencers to give users an easier and more intimate online shopping experience. Fabloox provides the most up-to-date video content from top beauty influencers and corresponds user preferences to each product and brand for relevant reviews and tutorials.


Creative Execution

Design & Development

The Challenge

The model was based exclusively on the affiliate program of brands. The challenging was to manage affiliates that were being used inconsistently in terms of the features and functionality. For instance, the formatting of product displays were different from one affiliate as compared to another. This caused uncertainty as app features and functionality were heavily dependent on the various affiliate engines being used. These obstacles required extensive R&D cycles and an immense contribution from the team to meet client expectations and produce an excellent product.


We produced a brilliant application. The Fabloox app integrated various affiliate brands and content from YouTube influencers. It enables any user to search for category-specific or brand-specific products and view influencer videos related to their searches, and it offers a section for promotions being offered by various affiliates.

The Fabloox app is one of its kind and designing it was an exciting challenge for our team. Managing the affiliates in accordance with the strict requirements was a complex task, however with the team’s expertise and diligence, we exceeded client expectations.