Kenex Real Estate App

The Kenex Real Estate app instantly connects home buyers and agents within proximity of each other. The app enables buyers to search for properties in a specific area and provided them with a list of real estate agents based on their current location. Additionally, it assists agents in connecting with potential clientele through in-app messaging.

Key Features:

  • Browse property ads and agents based on current location
  • In-app messaging & request notifications
  • Save time, save money and close the deals by finding the best agent
  • Easily connect with agents with one click
  • View all agents for specific properties in one app

Concept design

Creative execution

Design & Development

The Problem

Real estate is colossal in terms of market activity and comes with its own unique set of parameters. We were contracted by a passionate team to ease the entire process of property purchasing for both the buyer and the agent.

The Result

Our team designed iOS and Android applications that are were strategically unique. They worked to simplify the whole process of searching for a property in a specified location and finding available agents for that particular listing. Buyer and sellers can instantly connect with in-app messaging and buyers can browse for agent profiles to find the best match.

The Kenex Real Estate app is on the way to becoming one of the hottest real estate apps for Southern California, as it simplifies the once stressful process of finding the right agent for a particular property.