Luminate Health

How ADC helped Luminate Health build HIPAA compliant SAAS based web app for labs to provide their patients with lab results they can understand.

Luminate Health believes that people should have access to all of their medical information and the tools to understand the information. Luminate Health not only helps labs provide patients with digital access to their lab results, but also helps patients understand the results better. In this way it helps patients become healthier and have a better lab experience. It also helps make the coordination between patients, labs and physicians better.


Creative Execution

Design, Development

The Problem

Luminate Health wanted a solution for labs to assist patients with understanding, managing and accessing their lab results either on mobile devices or online. The problem they intended to solve was that patients were not able to comprehend the data that lab reports provided and required the test results and their implications to be explained to them in layman’s language.

The Challenge

Extensive Charts The app needs to display some really interactive charts which were not available in standard Java chart libraries. Third Party Database The database required to feed the charts was not directly provided by Luminate health but was to be accessed from third party database.

The Result

Luminate Health got a HIPAA compliant SAAS based web app that Provides physicians with tools for conveying and clarifying the results of laboratory tests to patients. Helps develop relationships with patients to meet their needs and increase patient loyalty towards the lab. Presents clinically based information to patients and helps them comprehend the lab test results. Improves physician outreach as it lets them convey and clarify lab results to the patients. Provides patients with secure and easy access to lab results, either on a mobile device or online. Luminate Health got featured on Techcrunch.

The Solution

Use of Highcharts Library Highcharts library in addition to standard Chart libraries were used to create the kind of charts. The solution was developed for iPads only as Luminate Health’s targeted audience were iPad users. The technology used was Java, HTML5 and Highcharts. Accessing the third party database The format for accessing the third party database was difficult to access as the format to access the database was not standard. We created a simple format to access the database after which the database can be accessed in real time.