One Life

One Life Diet is the top destination for wellness and weight loss in San Diego, California. The application for One Life Diet enables users to plan their daily meals to achieve the goal weight.

It aims to provide its users with a healthy lifestyle with a permanent weight loss plan.


Creative Execution

Design & Development

The Problem

The application version being used by One Life Diet required updates. Intuitive search and user profile were some of the new changes that were to be developed for the application. Moreover, the app design also had to be updated to provide an enhanced user interface and experience. While there were some new features that were to be added in the new version, the existing ones were also to be updated.


The updated version of the app incorporated all the new features that were required by One Life Diet. Not only was a better user experience developed, but the new features added were also functioning smoothly. The user profile feature was a great addition to the app as the application gave a more personalized experience to the user. Furthermore, the weight graph and weight tracking system was also improved.