Petroleum Management

Petroleum Management, Inc. provides a full range of environmental services ranging from Emergency Response and Recovery of Hazardous & Non-Hazardous materials to Remediation Construction and Project Management.


UI design,



App allows technician to work on different job while tracking their time and location.

TSM has extensive features such as staff time tracking, staff location tracking, staff vehicle usage tracking, staff attendance feature, lunch break tracking, create, update and view jobs for managers, only view & update job detail for technicians. Job forms included in this app are work-orders, PMI manifests, fuel manifests, PMI job sheets, caliber COC, MSS & COC. Job question section  have environmental work-orders, construction work-orders, compliance work-orders, update job forms, upload images for a job and user profile.


These apps successfully helped automate their company’s process leading to a smart and efficient working environment.