IMG Worldwide succeeds in delivering exclusive content to the Premier League audience via the HTML5-based web and iPad app

Premier League is the organizing body of the Barclays Premier League with responsibility for the competition, its Rule Book and the centralized broadcast and other commercial rights. The principal objective of the Premier League is to stage the most competitive and compelling league with world class players and through the equitable distribution of broadcast and commercial revenues, to enable clubs to develop so that European competition is a realistic aim and once there, they are playing at a level where they can compete effectively.


Creative Execution

Design, Development

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The Problem

IMG Worldwide wanted to build a web application and an iPad app for their client, Premier League, allowing the exclusive members of Premier League and IMG to view in-depth Barclays Premier League match schedules, match highlights, and stream videos at the same time.

The Challenge

Large number of users The Barclays Premier League has become the world’s league, with a global fan following of 1.46 billion. It has become a global phenomenon, inspiring passion and emotion from 212 territories around the world. It was a challenge to build an app for delivering real-time updates and video streaming capabilities to exclusive Premier League and IMG members around the globe. Consistent content delivery The viewers of Barclays Premier League are spread across different geographies with disparate network environments. The web and iPad app must ensure uninterrupted delivery of content to the subscribers with consistent user experience. Web and iPad app navigation One of the key challenges of this project was the navigation structure. The website and the iPad app had to be equally interactive and intuitive, while maintaining a consistent user experience across multiple platforms. Dynamic match schedules The Barclays Premier League season runs from August to May, with 380 matches played each season. There’s a huge list of match schedules that are subject to change on the go. It was a challenge to create dynamic, daily and weekly match schedules that extended into the future indefinitely to accommodate schedule changes. Video streaming IMG wanted the PLTV viewers to be able to stream any video on the web page without having to reload the entire page.

The Result

Increased reach to the Premier League audience One of the key objectives of Premier League was to attract players and fans from around the world. The Premier League TV (PLTV) app helped Premier League in making it possible by providing exclusive content like match schedules, exclusive videos and updates to the subscribed users worldwide, adding to the popularity of Barclays Premier League. Uninterrupted data flow The website and iPad app served as a dynamic showcase for videos of Barclays Premier League football matches, and offered real-time, user-friendly schedules of upcoming matches. Both Phone Gap and HTML5 were used to create uninterrupted flow of data. Deals in Accordance with User Preferences The customers can categorize the deals or offers they find through the app in accordance with their own preferences Rich user experience The finished product was visually distinct from the Premier League’s previous website, creating a completely new and much-improved user experience for the users. Through the PLTV app, Premier League Content Service enabled the users to log in to PLTV and view customized content of their choice, on the move.