Printagram Mobile App delivers a simplified printing experience for users to purchase small canvases of their Instagram photos.

The client wanted an ecommerce app built to capitalize on impulse purchases and the idea that most great photos never make it off a typical smartphone user’s mobile device based on Mobile community’s usage habits.


Creative Execution

Design, Development


How we did it?

First we met with the client to determine the kind of app they were seeking, other services it should be designed to connect with, and what it should look like aesthetically. We agreed that Printagram Mobile App would be designed exclusively for Apple’s iOS. Our designers then created wireframes; beginning with login, canvas selection, and on through the checkout process. Upon opening Printagram, users are asked to login with their Instagram user name and password. This gives Printagram access to the user’s Instagram photos, and from here a canvas size or package option is selected. The app then connects to the server to determine pricing and shipping costs, and asks the user to enter their delivery address. Lastly, the user is directed to PayPal for payment processing.

What we delivered?

Based on the client’s criteria, we designed and built a mobile app exclusively for Apple’s iOS. Printagram complements the uncomplicated design and usability of the popular Instagram app, and uses PayPal’s mobile payment gateway to deliver a secure and intuitive checkout experience, all from within the app. We also created an order processing and product management system with Drupal Commerce that allows the user to download orders and edit products.

Technology we used

Printagram Mobile App acts as the client-side front end, while the Drupal Commerce module was configured as an administrative back end for the server-side, handling orders and payments. The client has access to the Drupal Commerce module to easily oversee orders and refunds, implement sale prices, and coordinate pricing and shipping charges, all from within the app. The app sends the user’s data to the server, which then passes back a price. The checkout process continues on Printagram, and from there the app directs the user to PayPal; with options to make a payment either through their PayPal account or with a credit card, and upon completion, is directed back to the Printagram App.