Dashboards and reports to track the performance of marketing efforts. Easy to interpret insights will be at your fingertips!


Easily segment on data collected about your customers. Examples include zip code, products purchased or even age range.

Loyalty Programs

Reward your customers for repeat visits and frequency. Create compelling offers to increase customer lifetime value.


Reach your customers through Email, Push Notifications and Social. Track the performance of each campaign through intuitive dashboards.

Geofencing and Targeting

Geofence your store locations. Locate your customers in a store or within markets and send targeted messages.

Social Posts and Follows

Manage your business social pages without opening a new app or browser window. Stay connected with your social followers and engage with social consumers.

A/B Testing

Compare different versions of your campaigns against each other to determine which one performs better. Promote the winning message with automated precision.


No Cards, No Hassle. Your customers can collect punches to win exciting rewards with our digital punchards!

Data Export

Get data about your mobile campaigns into enterprise applications via an API.

Dashboards and Analytical Insights

It can be challenging to make sense of reports and data.  With our simple Dashboard and Analytical Insights you will be able to see high level trends and relevant data points about your mobile campaigns.

Campaign Creation

Easily set up campaigns to engage your customers with a point and click interface.