Teaching Side by Side

Teaching Side by Side (TSBS). Empowering students to use their voices to positively influence their education experience one teacher, one grade at a time. Students and parents are an integral part of the education system, yet their voices are often unheard. Students and parents can grade their teachers every quarter during the school year to offer real-time feedback on how well they are doing. Letting teachers know what you love about them, and if applicable, what you would change for a better education experience for all!

• Simple Registration Process
• Easy to Use
• 10-question Assessment
• Comments Section for Real-Time Feedback
• Displays Overall Teacher Grade
• Offers Teachers Feedback from their Most Important Audience!


Creative Execution

Design & Development


The Problem

Teaching Side by Side caters to schools, teachers and parents. Hence the portal and application required a user interface and experience that was suitable for these types of users. Moreover, it was possible that a user might search for a school or a teacher not currently on the application. Our team created an application that addressed these challenges successfully.



The portal and application for Teaching Side by Side was built using a strategic user interface. The user experience was also suitable for both students and parents. It allowed users to add schools and teachers if they didn’t exist in the system. Any teacher from any school could be graded at any time!